Born in Luxembourg to a German mother and a French-Scottish father, Eileen started writing and directing her first plays and musicals as a teenager. After her European baccalaureate she worked as a 3rd assistant director and production assistant in Luxembourg. During her studies of Performing Arts at the University of Winchester (UK) and theatre, music and history of art at Munich University. While studying she gained a lot of experience through her work as a script supervisor on many feature films (eg. Colonia Dignidad).

She started studying film directing at the University of television and film in Munich in 2007 and did an additional Master’s degree in directing at the Toulouse film school in 2012. Whilst studying she made several short films which were selected for festivals in a variety of countries around the world and co-wrote three feature films. 

As a result of her mixed background, she likes to work in several languages and is particularly interested in the themes of cultural identity and identity in general.

She is currently working on two feature film projects.

Short films

2018 Touch Me (short film, 21')

2017 Iridescence (dance video, 5:30’)

2013 Eloge (short film, 10’)

2013 Verréckt no dir (ep. 17, Comeback, 25')

2011 Legal.Illegal (short film, 25’)

2009 Pas de deux (short film, 7’)

2008 Mena (short film, 11’)

2008 La nuit passée (short film, 7’)



2019 Emily & Anton (in progress)

2019 Bille & Zottel (in progress, Paul Thiltges Distributions, Filmfee )

2014 Kiss them boys goodbye (Paul Thiltges Distributions)

2011 Die Schatzritter oder das Geheimnis von Melusina (Lucil Productions, Neos Film)